Performance Lineups

Note: Performance schedules are subject to change.

Thursday March 28th

Welcome Party at CALLE 11

9:15-10:15pm: Introductory Salsa Lesson by John & Liz


  1. Kevin and Courtney
  2. Frankie and Solaire
  3. Alma Oakland Amateur
  4. Salsamania Amateur On1 Team
  5. Salsa Colombia Dance Academy

*NOTE: The welcome party cover fee is separate from festival registration fees and is NOT included with any of the festival passes. Welcome party attendees must be at least 21 years old.*

Friday March 29th

Show starts at 9pm
(Tech rehearsal: 5pm, Call time: 8:30pm)


  1. Salsamania Men’s Team
  2. Imanza
  3. Chris and Daphyne
  4. Audaz Cha Cha Ladies 
  5. Alma Oakland Leaders
  6. Asi Dance Company
  7. Salsa with Juan
  8. RicaSalsa Amateur
  9. Kathy Reyes Dance Company
  10. Manny and Michelle
  11. Audaz Mambo Ladies
  12. Latin Symbolics Pro
  13. Womanity Oakland Team
  14. Yamulee Project Ladies
  15. Salsamania Amateur On2
  16. Mambo Groovin’
  17. Kinetic Energy Dancers Amateur
  18. In La’kech Dance
  19. Salsa Colombia Dance Academy
  20. Jose and Marilyn
  21. Kinetic Energy Dancers
  22. Karel Flores SF Team
  23. InEssence Dance Company
  24. Seattle Salsamania Amateur On2
  25. Javier & Katya
  26. Andrew and Melanie
  27. De’Jon and Clo
  28. Richie and Almendra
  29. Carlos and Sofia
  30. Alex and Mafe

Saturday March 30th

Show starts at 9:30pm
(Tech rehearsal: 5pm, Call time: 9pm)


  1. Salsamania Productions Team
  2. Javier and Katya
  3. Jahaira and Angelica
  4. Jonathan and Mayuko
  5. Rodney and Erika
  6. RicaSalsa Pro
  7. Helen Vasquez
  8. John and Dalia
  9. Andrew Cervantes
  10. Richie and Almendra
  11. De’Jon and Clo
  12. Andrew and Melany
  13. Carlos and Sofia
  14. Alex and Mafe